The ODH "Responsible RestartOhio" Pool Guidelines can be found by clicking HERE

Please also see our COVID-19 page for preparedness measures taken by clicking HERE 

Seating capacity with our typical seating arrangement and the side lawn allows over 150 people to have a seat, lounge chair, or spot on the grass at the pool. Due to social distancing guidelines, linear footage, and safety of our members, the max capacity of the pool area shall be 110. If at any time you would like to call ahead to check attendance before making the trip to the club, please call ahead to 330.823.1010. The pool is open everyday from 11:00am-8:00pm, pending weather.

Entrance and exit policies will be in effect, but just a bit different than what you may be used to. To ensure safety of traffic flow, we ask you to enter through the white gates rather than entering the pool building. When exiting, please enter the pool building and exit through the west end of the building that previously acted as our entrance. This simply gives us more space during check in and is more health conscious to have that interaction outdoors.

Please self-assess for symptoms of the virus before entering the pool area. Education will be posted at club entrances and can be found on the website for reference. We have a touch-free thermometer at the club for assistance too.

Someone will be there to check you in, and will be mandatory per contact tracing. This individual will help you find an open space and a safe direction to the area. Please do not move pool furniture, yet ask a staff member for assistance. You will be asked to take an orange cone with you to place on your area. Please leave this cone at your area when you leave, as this will be a marker for us to know the area needs disinfected when you depart. Any area without a cone will of course represent a disinfected space.

Families shall be permitted to sit at the same table and within six feet if using lounge chairs. Different families must maintain the six foot social distancing guidelines set by the state. If you plan on bringing guests outside of extended family members, we please ask you to call ahead. With a limited capacity, we want our members to have first priority to the pool.

There will be additional staff members available to take food and beverage orders. To avoid congregating, the snack bar will not be open to walk to, but all items will be available for order. All food and beverages shall be delivered and removed by our staff. Please be patient as we will attend to everyone as soon as possible. Alcoholic beverages will be available for order, but must be served by staff of age. Again, we appreciate your patience through this process.

AS OF 6PM JULY 23RD, it is mandatory for all people, members, guests, vendors, and staff (continued) to wear facial coverings/masks while inside of any of our facilities.

Hand sanitizer is readily available and staff will be on hand to do any additional disinfecting if requested. There are also three hand sanitizer stations placed on walls with signage with an additional sanitizer at check in. Restrooms are fully stocked with soap, paper towels and are cleaned multiple times a day. Your path to the restroom will be entering through the doors by the snack bar, and exiting to the pool at the west door. If someone is using the restroom or locker room area, please do not enter until they have exited. For the time being, all locker use will be unavailable.

Please remember the importance and requirements of social distancing particularly refraining from congregating while enjoying the pool area. This will include temporarily closing the use of tetherball, shuffleboard, volleyball/lawn and basketball areas.

For pool use itself, there will be 12 roped off areas spaced out in accordance to current guidelines, yet not all used at the same time to ensure distancing. These pool ropes can be adjusted in the event there are only a few people or families attending the pool at any given time. Please ask your lifeguard for assistance if for example, you would like to have a full lane open for swimming. If capacity and attendance allows, we will do everything we can to accommodate if possible. Remember, six feet distancing is still in effect while in the pool with anyone not in your family.

For the time being, towel service will not be available. Any other sharable item, including pool toys will not be permitted. Understanding the increased risk of the virus spreading, we hope you understand the decision made on these items. We will immediately be flexible if orders change. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience. 

Individual or family swim lessons may be provided as normal, however new student/instructor protocols will be followed per state guidelines of social distancing.

Both slides, in the baby pool and main pool will not be accessible for the time being. The baby pool may only be used by one family at a time due to distancing guidelines. Please wait for others to exit before entering and be mindful of others wanting to use the area.

The swim league has been cancelled by those who operate it. ACC is currently developing a program to offer a variation of organized swimming activities or practices for those who regularly would have participated on the team. These activities will of course have to follow all current guidelines that we are working out at the moment. With questions, please contact our swim team coach Jaclyn Kiko at 330-771-4954.

As the summer pool atmosphere temporarily looks different this year, we are thrilled to have the pool open for you. We hope you take advantage of getting outdoors and enjoying yourselves with us this summer. Jessica Hirsh is returning for her second year as our Pool Director and has taken number one priority of protecting the lives of everyone. All sanitary measures have been taken, details well thought out, and planning has been flawless along the way. While Jess will be monitoring all situations with the lifeguards, please do not put them in a position to be a rule enforcer all season. This is not the atmosphere ACC wants to portray, rather an extremely relaxing and fun one!

We all would also like to thank "Cliff" Smith, our newest addition as Maintenance Director for spending countless hours getting the pool area ready for your enjoyment. Lastly, a needed thank you to Mike White, of White Mechanical, in playing a critical part in assisting with getting things up and running. Again, on behalf of the entire staff, we thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the summer season!

Troy Grove; GM,   Jessica Hirsh; Pool Director,  Adam Christian; Pool Chairman