ACC COVID-19 Preparedness

All of us at Alliance Country Club have taken every precautionary measure to ensure the safety to our staff, members and guests. ODH guidelines can be found by clicking here: OPERATING GUIDELINES We hope you take the time to read through and understand the practices that are being put forth by the staff here at the club, and why.

We started by creating an entire manual (comprised of the links in this website and have printed copies for the staff on hand) covering these cautionary measures. First of these documents was highlighted by the Department of Labor's "Guideline on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19". The document can be found by clicking here: GUIDANCE This document covers the details of items such as, what the disease is, symptoms, how the virus can spread, having a plan to reduce exposure, response plans, PPE guidance, and safe work practices to name a few. A document from the FDA was also a great tool that provided many useful links for education covering these items as well. This document can be found by clicking here: BEST PRACTICES

Educating our staff was the first priority as reviews of basic employee practices were put into place. Our FDA manual, "Employee Health & Personal Hygiene Handbook" was enforced to review, and can be found by clicking here: HANDBOOK This thorough document covers all basic food and beverage service knowledge of sanitation, knowledge and preparation. Information on foodborne illnesses, personal illness symptoms, hygiene and the importance of handwashing, and sanitation is all covered throughout the handbook. Each employee has read this, plan to continue to practice these policies and have signed documents stating they are well versed and signed health restriction agreements as well. All are on file at the club. This document from the FDA also hangs in our kitchen for quick reference: FOOD FACTS

The cleaning and constant disinfecting of our facilities have obviously been an hourly chore for us at the club. Each of our departments have detailed descriptions and responsibilities to accomplish these goals. A guide from the CDC is posted for our staff and can also be found by clicking here: DISINFECTING

Basic reminders to help stop the spread of germs have been reviewed, and this flyer is posted for the staff as well. Social distancing, handwashing, face coverings, and disinfecting are a few. This CDC document can be found by clicking here: STOP THE SPREAD

You will see staff wearing face coverings during this stretch. The use of either cloth or disposable coverings have been educated to the staff. The use and effectiveness of these items can be found in this FDA document by clicking here: FACE COVERINGS AS OF 6PM JULY 23RD, it is mandatory for all people, members, guests, vendors, and staff (continued) to wear facial coverings/masks while inside of any of our facilities.

The symptoms of the virus is another highly covered topic discussed with the staff. Daily symptom assessments for staff will occur, and expect the membership to follow suit. You will find this flyer: SYMPTOMS throughout the club, reminding you to kindly protect yourself at home if you are experiencing any of these conditions. Here are 10 things you can do to manage your symptoms: MANAGE AT HOME We have also implemented safety practices in the event someone may have had exposure to a person suspected to have the virus. This document from the CDC can be found by clicking here: EXPOSURE

As you can see, we are taking every precaution possible to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. We are excited to see everyone back at the club but place safety as our highest priority.